The 2020 Main Executive Fitness Center

The fitness center is open to all employees of the building Monday – Friday, 6am – 8pm at no charge

A liability waiver and release form must be filled out.  Bring your driver’s license and building access card to the management office to gain access into the fitness center via the building access card.  Waiver is under Tenant Forms and can also be obtained from the management office and building security. 

The Fitness Center features:

  • State-of-the-art Technogym equipment including a stationary bike, three (3) treadmills and three (3) elliptical machines all with touchscreen TV’s embedded in the machine and includes internet connectivity, basic cable TV and iPod/iPhone capabilities.  Earphones required
  • Each machine comes with Technogym’s innovative, web-integrated “MyWellness” which hosts numerous Wellness Apps to assist in keeping track of the workout or provide encouragement 
  • Plurima multi-station leg press/calf machine and Plurima multi-station tower which includes the core/leg extension/curl; press & overhead press; and high & low pull
  • Fitness stability ball
  • Excercise floor mats
  • A 60” flat screen TV
  • Self-serve water and towel service
  • Personal code lockers
  • Private shower rooms with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash