The parking structure is managed by ABM Parking Services. ABM Parking Services’ management is by direction of the Property Management of the Common Area Parking Association. Any concerns regarding parking issues or the structure can be reported to either Property Management or ABM Parking Services directly at (949) 261-8729. Neither ABM  Parking Services nor Cushman & Wakefield guard assume care, custody, or control of your vehicle or its contents and is not responsible for fire, theft, damage or loss.

SERVICES:  ABM’s service includes monthly parking arrangements, maintenance of the parking structure, and the sale of validation stickers and validation stamps. You may contact them directly for the purchase of validations, along with any questions or concerns regarding the structure.

STRUCTURE ACCESS:  Tenants will be issued a separate access card for the parking structure upon move-in, which is a proximity card. This means that the card needs to be held closely to the card reader in order for the system to recognize it. Tenants are expected to have their access cards in their possession for entry. Parkers that do not use their monthly parking card are subject to payment of visitor parking rates.

Please be aware that your cards must be used in a “One in” and “One out” sequence. For example, it must be used to enter before you are allowed to exit and vice versa. Your card will not work to enter twice or exit twice.       

If your card does not work for any reason, you may exit any visitor cashier booth and they will be happy to assist you.

HOURS:  The gates to the parking structure are active from twenty-four hours per day. 

PAYMENT OF CHARGES:  You will be invoiced each month for reserved, unreserved and visitor parking through ABM Parking Services, and checks should be made payable to ABM Parking Services and remit to the address indicated on the invoice, unless otherwise directed. Monthly parkers with delinquent accounts are subject to the deactivation of their access card in addition to late fees.

VISITOR PARKING:  Both long term and short-term visitor parking is located in the parking structure.

RESERVED PARKING:  Reserved stalls are awarded during lease negotiation.  During your tenancy, if you’re interested in purchasing additional reserved stalls, we ask that you contact ABM Parking Services for the monthly rate, space availability and signage fees.

NO PARKING AREAS:  There is no parking allowed in the fire lanes, side walk, loading docks, or any other area in the parking structure that are not clearly marked as parking spaces.  It should be noted that the roadway is considered a fire lane, and must remain clear so as not to impede the access by emergency vehicles.  All vehicles parking in an unauthorized area may be towed, with no warning, at the owner’s expense.