Moving Guidelines

The relocation of a company is very important and sometimes a difficult function. It is our goal to assist you with your move, making it as smooth and efficient as possible.
The key to a successful, hassle-free move is frequent and effective communication and coordination between you, the tenant, your moving company, and the Property Management Office. Keeping that in mind, here is a checklist to help you with your move.


Schedule your move with Cushman & Wakefield
To ensure that the building will be able to accommodate your move at the requested date and time, we ask that you schedule your move with us at least 10 days prior to your scheduled move-in date.


Move-in Hours
Monday – Friday After 6:00 p.m. until 7:30 a.m.
Saturday – Sunday All day
No moving activity will be allowed during business hours. There will be no exceptions.


All movers are required to provide a certificate of insurance for at least one million dollars liability coverage naming The Prudential Insurance Company of America, PRISA 2020 MAIN LLC and Cushman & Wakefield of California Inc. as additional insured. This will need to be faxed or mailed and received in our office no later than 24 hours prior to your move. For your convenience, you can fax page 4; Mover Insurance Requirements directly to your moving company.


Only the service corridor and freight elevator are to be utilized for moving in/out furniture and/or equipment. Absolutely no moving activity will be permitted through the front lobby.


Empty boxes should be marked “trash” or “basura”, to be discarded by the janitorial company. Do not place trash or discarded items in the corridors. We will be happy to dispatch a day porter to your office to remove these items for you. The janitors will not remove any boxes that are not marked properly as trash.


Property Management cannot accept deliveries. Please coordinate your personnel to be on-site if deliveries or furniture will be delivered to your suite prior to your move-in. At no time will property management accept deliveries for another company.


Protective covering for the building common areas is required. Please inform your moving company to be prepared to provide this. Your moving company is responsible for any damage to the building or outside area during the move, i.e. elevators, floors, walls.


The repair or damage that might occur during your move will be at the moving company and/or tenant’s expense. Both the corridors and service elevator will be inspected by property management staff before and after your move, and we will notify you of any damage and the resulting repairs and cost. All necessary repairs will be completed by property management and billed to the tenant.


Alternate arrangements will need to be made for large items that will not fit inside the service elevator cab (i.e. oversized conference tables). Any charges incurred as a result of these special arrangements will be at your expense.