Building Access Cards

Access to the building after normal business hours is by the Building Access Card system.  Card readers are located at the main entrance facing the parking structure and sliding door at the loading dock adjacent to the main entrance.

TENANT ACCOUNTABILITY: Tenants will be accountable for all building access cards issued to their employees.  Tenants are to collect all cards in the event of the termination of an employee, status change requiring access modifications, as soon as possible.  The Property Management will not be held responsible for any consequences resulting from improper Tenant accountability of building access cards.  Tenants may, from time to time, be asked to verify building access card listings provided by the Property Management.

ADDITIONAL CARDS/SERVICE: Cards for new employees must be requested from an authorized Tenant Representative.  Standard request forms are available from the Property Management.  Lost access cards must be reported to the Property Management.  Tenants will be charged for new and replacement of lost access cards.